The Rise of Economy Hotel Segment
Factors like surge in middle class, increase in business and leisure travel, higher economic growth, urbanization, etc. have resulted in bolstering mid-market or mid-priced (often referred to as economy/budget) hotels in India’s hospitality sector. Historically, the mid-market ... Read More
Sept - Oct 19
Revving up the Revenue
Revenue is extremely essential for the progress of any industry. Revenue management in the hospitality industry is undergoing a constant change, with the evolution of technology. Besides ear... Read More
Target, Engage and Win Millennial Business in Hospitality
Today, Millennials spend 70% more on experiences than purchasing items. These young adults seek experiences with travel rather than settling down. They are passionate about travel and willin... Read More
Travelling for Health
India’s immense tourism appeal and potential are not only because of its natural splendors, historical legacies, deep religious resonance, and its exciting wildlife and adventure offerings... Read More
Vacuum Cleaners
Today the commercial and industrial users have got a wider choice of cleaning equipment available in the market. In recent times a fairly large number of companies have ventured in the busin... Read More
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