Relax and Unwind at Spazzo

Spazzo, Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla

By Sharmila Chand

When your urban lifestyle gets the better of you and you seek some tranquil moments, check into Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla and head towards a stairway to your relaxation mode in the form of Spazzo, the wellness centre. Spanning across 1287 meter square area and 2 levels, Spazzo offers a range of holistic Asian and European treatments for true indulgence.
As soon as the guest enters Level 1, there is a reception and a comforting seating area where they are served a refreshing welcome drink. The vibrant vibes are set as soon as you enter the area with the energetic music sound coming f r o m the fitness centre on the right. 

There is a plethora of equipments to choose right f r o m for your cardio to your weight training. There is a beautiful poolside view with lot of greenery behind the mirror ceiling to soothe your eyes. To the left one can spot the Salon for the beauty and styling services. Next is the spacious Steam, Sauna and Hydro Therapy rooms.

Once you take the staircases to the Wellness Centre (Wellness Sanctuary), the vibe becomes subtle, relaxing and healing. There are four treatment rooms in the Spa namely, Chromo Therapy room- for Signature Crowne Therapy with Hot Water Bed set up, Couple suite room, Ayurvedic Room and Facial treatment. There is a water body, lighted candles, instrumental music, diffused lighting and temperature controlled room to transport the guest to world of complete relaxation.

At Spazzo the focus is on creating a perfect blend of conventional treatments as well as modern techniques for best outcome. With aroma diffusers, healing instrumental music, diffused lighting, temperature controlled rooms, Spazzo is certainly a wellness paradise.

The holistic therapies f r o m the Spa menu includes Abhyangam, Gentle Breeze, Rejuvenating Bali, Awaken the Spirit, Chocolate Massage, Jet Lag Therapy, Crowne Therapy and many more.
The guests can opt for various Spa treatments such as Parraffin Hand Treatment, Therapy Baths, Manicures and Pedicures, Neck Reflexology, Facials, Body Wraps, Body Scrub, Foot Bath, Food Reflexology as well as beauty treatments. Various Spa amenities include Steam Bathing, Massage Rooms, Sauna Rooms and Hydro Therapy. Every room has an inbuilt steam room. It is the only hotel in the city to boast about the Chromo therapy and water bed therapy in the city.

Fitness center is fully equipped with state of the art cardio and strength equipments such as Treadmill, Free Weighs, Stationary bicycle, elliptical machines etc. Special yoga and personal training sessions are conducted in the morning and evening. The fitness centre is operational 24 hours for in-house guests. During summers, there are special swimming packages as well.

The Salon offers treatments ranging f r o m hair dressing and styling, shaving, hair colouring, hair spas and treatments, waxing, threading, hand and foot rituals, a complete solution for all in house guests, members and walk in guests. 

The spa enjoys the distinguishing features such as holistic range of Asian and European therapies, organic facial treatments, Wellness menu, signature Crowne Therapy (hot water bed therapy).

Creating Healthy Atmosphere

Golak Pattnaik, Spa Manager, Spazzo at Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla

Golakh Pattnaik works as a Spa Manager at Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla (IHG). As a Spa Manager, Golakh is responsible for day to day operations of the SPA and health club. His job roles includes developing and implementing Spa operational goals, Spa menu engineering, designing sales strategies, managing budgets and expenses,  business development and team building. Prior to Crowne Plaza Okhla, Golakh has worked with brands like Country Club India, Le Meridien, Ashoka Hotels and Three Graces. He is certified trainer f r o m ISSA. Golakh is a fitness enthusiast with a penchant towards travel, sports and reading.

In an exclusive interview with Sharmila Chand, he talks about the spa industry and more…

What are the kinds of changes you have witnessed in the spa industry in the past 5-6 years?

Gone are the days when people believed ‘Beauty is only skin deep’. The new mantra has modified the saying to ‘Beauty is soul deep’. The growing disposables incomes, changes in consumption and lifestyle patterns, improved purchasing power of women, rising awareness about personal care products has given the much required impetus to the wellness industry. 

Wellness, which was a thing of luxury few years back has become a necessity in today’s world. An interesting pattern which I have observed at Spazzo is that our international guests are more interested in experiencing the goodness of our Ayurvedic treatments while the Indian guests are more likely to indulge in international treatments such as Thai Therapies and Swedish Cupping. Another parameter for the guests is the usage of Organic and natural products in their treatment. 

Spa treatments are also becoming innovative with concepts such as Sound Healing, Metal healing, Virtual Reality in Spa and many more. Infact, you would be surprised to know that there is something called Spa for Children. Interesting enough?

What are the current top trends in Spa? 

Salt Therapies - If you think Salt can only add flavours to your food, then you are probably missing out on the fact that it can spice up your spa session as well. While salt rooms, salt beds and salt lamps have gained great popularity, salt stones are all set to replace basalt stones in popular massage therapies. Infact salt therapies such as Halotherapy have been used since time immemorial to cure respiratory issues.

Virtual Reality - Our millennials and Generation Z love virtual reality. So why not to integrate this superb technology in the spa therapies? After all, going to the spa has always been associated with taking an escape f r o m the regular schedule mentally. So don’t be surprised to see VR glasses on you next Spa visit which can transport to you f r o m the beach in Maldives to the snow in Switzerland in a fraction of seconds.

Sound Therapy - A tradition derived f r o m Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cultures, sound therapy is yet another sensory guided meditation technique which is becoming an integral part yoga sessions, spa treatments and healing workshops.

Soy Candle Massage - Candles have been essentially used in aroma therapy to add to the experience and feel good factor. But a new trend which is gaining popularity is the melted soy candle massage. With zero toxic ingredients, soy wax along with coconut and shea oil have therapeutic effects.

What are the key challenges in opening a spa?

Great competition due to mushrooming of Day Spas in the city 

Offering competitive packages and offers along with best products considering low prices quoted by lot of Spas around

Quality consistency f r o m the staff considering long working hours

Choosing the right location because that will set the tone for the kind of walk inns

How do you decide on the spa menu? What factors have to be kept in mind to chalk out a decent menu?

The two factors which one must keep in mind while designing the menu is:

• Target Customer preferences

• Innovation 

If I talk about Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla, we are a business hotel. The business travellers need a quick fix after long tiring flights and meeting schedules. So, the duration of our therapies range f r o m 45-90 minutes to cater to such guests. Our signature Crowne Therapy (45 minutes) is highly recommended for such travellers which uses hot water bed and light sensations. Similarly, keeping frequent travellers in mind, we have incorporated a Jet lag Therapy considering the long flight schedules.

We need to keep a wow element in our menu which astonishes the guest. This could be a virtual tour or a sensory-guided meditation or even an amusing therapy capable of generating curiosity. Spa should just not be about relaxation but a next level of experience.

What do you enjoy most about being a Spa Head? 

I am fitness and a wellness enthusiast myself; hence this is the area that interests me. It is always motivating to work with likeminded people and to help people achieve their fitness as well as wellness goals. At the same time, if I talk about the managerial role, it is very challenging and inspiring. It is very important to create a healthy work atmosphere considering the long working hours for our staff. This is crucial as behind all the therapies and products is the therapist whose performance can make or break an experience.

Could you tell us the USP of your Spa? What distinguishes it f r o m others? 

Spazzo not only provides the best of Asian and European therapies but also has a unique ‘Wellness Menu’ for our guests to promote the concept of mindful eating. Our chefs have curated a very innovative menu that berates the concept of Healthy is Boring. With super foods as their key ingredient, every dish has been designed keeping nutritional as well as taste element in mind. After all, you are what you eat!

Do you have some customized treatments?

At Spazzo, we curate seasonal packages with essential therapies that can help our guests do away with the skin and hair woes caused due to changing weather. Currently we have our Monsoon packages with therapies such as Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Cucumber Honey Facial, Awaken the Spirit Massage, Foot rituals and much more at a steal deal of INR 3999 and INR 5999 Only.
Similarly we recommend goodness packages for the would-be-brides which include a careful selection of organic facials, holistic massages, milk rose water baths and foot pampering rituals for a glowing skin for the big day.

What is your favorite treatment to receive? Why?

For me, our traditional Ayurvedic therapies are the most impactful ones. At Spazzo, my go to treatment is Abhyangam, an oil based therapy which has magical healing properties. f r o m fatigue and headache issues to immunity building and improving muscle tones, Abhyangam is a sixty minutes of pure bliss.

 If I talk about the benefits of this Ayurvedic Therapy, it includes strengthening sensory and motor organs, maintaining colour and complexion of skin, preventing the signs of aging, skin dryness and itching, reducing hair fall, toning up the blood vessels and nerves, thus preventing nervous disorders.

Any other point you wish to make? 

I would also like to mention our special Happy Hours where all the guests can avail any Salon and Spa treatments between 11 am to 3 pm (during weekdays) at half of its original price.

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