The Growth of Boutique Hotels
Boutique hotels’ popularity has been growing over the years. Some of these properties are themed, whilst others support an underlying philosophy such as eco or sustainable tourism. Customisation is one of the properties which have made them popular. Frequent travelers are keen ... Read More
Maintaining Data Security
Guests’ security in the hospitality industry, today, does not merely refer to physical safety but also involves protecting guest identity and mental peace of mind. With data breaches makin... Read More
Scent of a Hotel
Tell me frankly, what is the first thing that strikes you when you enter the precincts of a luscious hotel? Is it the imposing Baccarat Chandelier with ear drop crystals reflecting a desire ... Read More
Greenery in Hotels
Landscaping is an important component of hotel design and plays a crucial role in enhancing the property’s value. Landscaping is no longer limited to just creating green spaces outside the... Read More
Perfect Veda For Inner Wellbeing !
Spanning around 7000 sq. ft., the exclusive neoVeda is truly a haven of peace and tranquility. As you enter the elegant space, a whiff of exotic aromas, essential oils, spice and floral frag... Read More
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