Outsourcing in Hotels
Outsourcing in Hotels The concept of outsourcing, derived from the American terminology ‘outside resourcing’, has become popular in almost all industries throughout the globe. Although it is seen, by many, as a happening trend, there are voices that quest... Read More
Sep-Oct 17
Branding Hospitality
Branding Hospitality It is a common knowledge that hospitality companies can enhance their market share and growth rates by increasing their brand loyality. This, in turn, c... Read More
ExploringBollywood-themed Hospitality
It doesn’t deserve a mention that Bollywood and cricket are two of the important unifying factors in India’s diversified cultural cosmos. The appeal of many... Read More
Renovation of Restaurants
Renovation of Restaurants By Sharmila Chand Renovating restaurants is essential to spruce up their image and attract more clients, which can benefit both their owner/s and their cus... Read More
Visiting a Heavenly Spa
Visiting a Heavenly Spa The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa is an ideal getaway for those looking for an enriching break in the holy city of Pushkar, in Rajasthan. Sprawling... Read More
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