Designed to Attract
External factors often influence the mood of a person. Walking leisurely on a beach or sitting in a waiting room at a hospital have obviously different effects on the human psyche. Similarly, the atmosphere of a hotel could attract or deter a guest. ... Read More
May-Jun 18
Work-life Balance Improves Hospitality
Continuous contact with customers and long hours make working in the hospitality industry strenuous. Employees have to be on their toes, charming and fresh, irrespective of whether the emplo... Read More
For Spirituality, Heritage and More
Amritsar is world renowned for its Golden Temple which is formally known as Sri Harmandir Sahib. It was designed in 1589 by the fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjan. The temple houses Adi Granth, the... Read More
Presenting Holistic Wellness
The Club One Fitness and Spa at The Suryaa New Delhi emphasises on holistic wellness. Here professional excellence and enthusiasm to go the extra mile are both abundantly found among the hig... Read More
Marriage Season in Hotels
They say marriages are made in heaven. We have little knowledge regarding that but we know that weddings are nowadays celebrated in style, in high-end hospitality properties in India.... Read More
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