Wellness Through Water

By Sharmila Chand

Renaissance Mumbai can provide an ideal weekend gateway in bustling Mumbai.

Sprawling in 15 acres of lush greenery on the banks of Powai Lake, the hotel is an oasis of opulence and serenity amidst the cacophony of Mumbai.

The hotel houses 600 aesthetically designed rooms and suites that offer the panoramic views of the lake as well as Mumbai’s vibrant skyline.  

Among the hotel’s many attractions is the Quan Spa, where one can head for a rejuvenating session. In mandarin language, the word ‘Quan’ translates into a source of pure water.

Keeping in tune with its name, water is at the heart of the Quan Spa as it is based on the concept of ‘healing through water.’ The spa promises a rejuvenating journey that offers baths, and treatments using Thalgo products; created with ingredients f r o m the sea.

The healing properties of water can be regarded as the cornerstone of the spa’s wellness experiences.

Taking the concept of water further, the interiors of the Quan Spa have been heavily inspired f r o m the aqua theme and the décor of the spa entrance, the treatment rooms and the suite are in sync; enhancing the overall calm and tranquil ambience. 

The specially curated spa menu includes treatments and therapies that use the most natural and pure ingredients such as marine algae wrap, bath salts, warm stones as well as naturally calming ingredients such as sea salt, rose, sandalwood, orange, walnut shells, green tea and organic mud.

The various therapies offered at the spa include the Signature Quan Therapy, Algae Body Wrap, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage, Foot Reflexology. The spa also uses high quality aroma oils and essences for all their therapies.

I experienced ‘Quan Signature Massage’ which is the USP of this spa. In this treatment, the healing powers of pure essential oils and their properties have an invigorating & soothing effect on the mind.

Using classical techniques, the therapist applied light pressure to improve the circulation and ease muscle aches, thereby paving for complete relaxation. Guests can choose f r o m an array of essential oil blends to experience this signature treatment.

As the hotel is in close proximity to both the domestic and international airports, it hosts lot of frequent travellers. Keeping them in mind, the spa also offers a special ‘Jet Lag Body Massage’, meant to calm one’s frayed nerves f r o m long distance travel.

In this massage, the therapists focus on relieving the nerves and increasing blood circulation with special attention to the legs. 

Besides the regular spa treatments and massages, the spa also offers specialised beauty treatments for a feel good factor.

Here one could opt for deep cleansing facials, brightening facials and hydrating facials. There is also anti-ageing and intensive eye treatments to soothe the fine lines and dark circles on faces.

If hosting a closed get together is in your mind, then Quan Spa at Renaissance Mumbai is an ideal location to host intimate events like soirees, bachelorette parties and other types of ‘Sparties.’ The spa reception area is perfect for sundowner events, where guests can enjoy express wellness services while being treated with drinks and snacks.

I relished every moment of my wellness sojourn at Mumbai, while being thoroughly pampered at the rejuvenating Quan Spa.

The Challenges and Opportunities in Spa Business

While going through the spa, I got the opportunity to interact with Vinaya Jadhav, Spa Manager, Quan Spa at Renaissance Mumbai. The interaction was an insightful and fruitful one, throwing light on various facets of India’s fast growing spa industry. The excerpts of the interview follow:

What are the kind of changes you have witnessed in the spa industry during the past five-six years?

More individuals around the world have started indulging and investing in spa treatments. Going to spa that was earlier reserved for rare occasions is common practice today.

There is an increase in the interest among masses for spa and relaxation treatments. Also the growing trend towards romantic spa treatments is quite notable in today’s times. Males are also visiting spa in hordes. Over the years, spas have seen an increase in the male visitors.

Clients nowadays pay great attention to the products used, like the brands of oil, quality of creams and scrubs for face treatments. There is an increase in the awareness among the spa guests, which has eventually led to increase in competition in this industry.

In terms of hotels, the spa segment is today considered as a business center, instead of just another department of the hotels.

What are the key factors towards opening or running a spa?

In order to create a lasting imprint among guests and make the spa standout f r o m others, one needs to have the accurate planning of the project and the anticipated procurement of high quality products.

The biggest challenge towards running a spa is   supply of innovation and procurement of high quality products. High quality equipments and furniture at good prices are not so easily available and it is a challenge to find the right fit.

Besides these, it is essential to have a well-trained professional team who understands the nitti-gritties of the industry and has detailed research on the treatments that is offered by the spa. The key to long-term success in spa business is a well-trained & knowledgeable team who is committed to the needs of the clients, treatments and the spa concerned.

How do you decide on the spa menu? What factors have to be kept in mind to chalk out a decent spa menu?

Spa menu must be crisp and descriptive at the same time. The guests should understand the detailed therapy they select i.e. the various stages and the products being used for a given therapy.

Having a variety of massage options with different techniques is a must for the spa menu. For the massage options, the focus should be on body scrubs and body wraps in different varieties along with the diverse choices like cream base, salt base, sugar base or gel base.

In case of popularity of products, most clients give their heart to the marine products as they are known to be highly result-oriented for body treatments. And keeping in mind the location of the spa, the menu must cater to the clientele’s expectations.  

What do you enjoy about being a Spa Manager?

My position requires catering to the needs of the clients, employees and the management to my best of knowledge and efforts. Every step in the profile is enjoyable, f r o m the process of marketing to working on new spa treatments and customer interaction.

Motivating your team is the most interesting and at the same time challenging aspect of my job profile. Besides, interacting with guests and understanding and meeting their expectations are very interesting aspects of my job, which I enjoy.

Could you tell us the USP of the spa? What distinguishes it f r o m others?

I believe that the USP of the Quan Spa at Renaissance Mumbai is the tranquil atmosphere and the serene vibe.

I feel this is most needed in today’s hectic and bustling life. Complementing the ambience is the excellent service and a vast and varied spa menu, making for a perfect wellness haven.

Do you have some customised treatments?

At the hotel’s spa, we offer variety of treatments with the intention to cater to various needs; skin types, comfort level and desires of the guests.

We do offer customising of treatments and the changes requested as per the guest preferences are made and offered to give them the desired result.

What is your favourite treatment to receive and why it is so?

For me, the Signature Spa massage is the favourite. It includes the use of excellent luxurious products. The long duration of the treatment helps in releasing energies of the trapped emotions, while improving the oxygen & circulation. It is so far the most relaxing and deep massage experience for me.

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