The Haven for Holistic Wellness

By Sharmila Chand

Discover a world of soothing treatments and warm hospitality, luxury and pampering at the Radisson Blu Karjat Spa, housed within Radisson Blue Resort & Spa Karjat. Situated nearly halfway between Mumbai and Pune, the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat is the perfect destination for weekend getaways and family holidays.  As I sauntered through the spa, which manifests Thai & Balinese inspired architecture, I realised I found my idyllic urban retreat. At a first impression, I particularly liked the tastefully done interiors of the spa; spread through warm yellow mood lighting. The spa has been designed to further enhance the character of the luxury hospitality property, Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat.

The grey rectangular stone slabs make for a beautiful backdrop, which comes across as a blend of a traditional yet contemporary design. The soothing brown undertones create a warm space to relax and unwind.

I sat in the lobby sipping fresh juice, getting positive vibes from the reclining Buddha statue. The plunge pool in front of the statue heightens the serenity of the in-vironment. Soon Monica Nair, the Spa Manager at the hospitality property, greeted me and guided me about the treatments. We looked at a spectrum of refined therapies, which have evolved from the ancient Thai and western wellness techniques, and choose to go for Hot Stone Therapy to alleviate my stress levels.

Here the guests can indulge in a variety of therapies. Some of the Signature treatments offered at the spa include the Hot Stone Massage, Thai Massage, and Foot Reflexology. Furthermore, the specially crafted Aroma Thai Massage offered at the spa involves the use of indigenous organic herbs and natural aroma oils, which can facilitate one to relax, renew and recharge easily.

Discourse on Spa Business

Monica Nair, Spa Manager at Radisson Blu Karjat Spa, is a creative and enthusiastic professional with five years of spa and skin care experience in the industry. Before her present tenure, she has been associated with various prestigious spa brands like Med Spa, Escenza Spa and Soham Spa.

Her key areas of expertise include administration and set up management, spa team training, marketing promotions and people management. She holds certification in innovative skincare regimes and specialisation in skin mapping analysis. The excerpts of the interview with her follow: 

What are the kind of changes you have witnessed in the Indian spa industry during the past five-six years?
The Indian spa industry is constantly innovating given the fast-paced world and changing trends over the last few years.

The industry as a whole is moving towards more natural & holistic approach, that is much beyond cosmetic skincare therapies. These days, stress happens to be one of the biggest causes of a lot of common diseases and spas have now come to the rescue by offering natural solutions & de-stress therapies.

Spas are using simple massages, acupuncture, exercises and meditation to help relieve stress.

What are the current top trends in the Indian spa business?

They include Korean Skin Therapy. This Korean skincare treatment has been one of the top skincare spa trends of the year, and has been one of the latest beauty regimes that women are swearing by. It can help one get clear, luminous, seemingly transparent and flawless skin.

Tok Sen, a Thai vibrational therapy, is also in the vogue in spas. It involves the use of a hammer and peg to tap the body’s sen lines.

This therapy is known to release energy & remove blockages. It also helps relax the body, and soften the muscles. The popularity of Tok Sen has been picking up over the last few months.

Some of the other popular spa treatments these days are the Activated Charcoal Skin Care Therapy, which has been in use for a while. It includes masks, strips and scrubs. Some other popular spa trends include the Vampire Facial which is known to have anti-ageing properties and the Crystal Therapy, which helps treat the body holistically to tackle various ailments.

What are the key challenges towards opening a spa?

The key challenges towards opening a spa would include choosing the right location because accessibility is always a major concern in the spa business.

Another challenge is in finding the ways to compete against other spas in the vicinity which are not specialised & professional but offer cheaper services.

What factors have to be kept in mind while chalking out a spa menu at the spa managed by you?

We have curated quite a few revitalising spa therapies like the Deep Tissue Massage & the Jet Lag Therapy, which are frequently asked for by most of our resident guests.

Also Radisson Blue Resort & Spa Karjat is turning out to be one of the upcoming wedding destinations with an average of 1-2 weddings happening here almost every other month. Thus our spa menu comprises of essential bridal treatments and a number of skincare regimes; suitable for brides & grooms as well as for their extended families.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Spa Manager?

Getting to meet new people and customising treatments for them on the basis of their skin health is something I personally enjoy doing.

Could you tell us the USP of spa, managed by you? What distinguishes it from others?

Our spa is nestled in the lap of nature, and offers a breathtaking view of the Sahyadri range and the river Ulhas, which enhances the spa experience for our guests.

We are also well-known for our aroma-based therapies wherein we use natural essential oils & home grown fruit scrubs, instead of cosmetic alternatives.

Kindly talk a bit about the treatments offered at the spa

Taking into account of the preferences of our guests, we offer a number of cosmetic skincare treatments, which focus mainly on aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, we also suggest therapeutic massages for those who are looking to alleviate their body aches & pains.

We have customised packages for couples, especially for brides & grooms, ranging from fruit and floral scrubs, facials and body polishing.

What is your favourite treatment to receive and why it is so?

My personal favourite is the Deep Tissue Massage as it eases out my stress and helps cure my minor aches & pains. In this massage, the therapist uses high pressure techniques that lead to relaxing of the muscles.

Any other point you wish to make?

I would highly recommend one to have a massage once in a month as it has the potential to completely rejuvenate one’s mind & body, thereby making one feel refreshed and energetic.

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